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OmniShield promises to alert you sooner of a fire or carbon monoxide leak, a sudden freeze or flood in your home so you and your family can get to safety. Our goal is to save lives, and we have a history of doing that for people across the country.

We are always receiving letters from people whose lives were saved by our alarms, and we are proud to be able to share those stories with you!

If your family is safe because of OmniShield, we would love to hear about it! Click the Submit Your Story button to share your experience with us!
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Welcome to Your Home Safe Network

When seconds count, our technology keeps your loved ones safe. OmniShield’s interconnected wireless network of sensors alert you of danger in your home faster than any other sensors on the market.

Leave No Room to Chance

Disaster can strike any area of the home. Minimum standards require protection in sleeping areas, but what about the garage, attic, basement, kitchen, laundry, and utility rooms? OmniShield prepares your home so you know of any danger the second it strikes.
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