Raymond E. M.


On the evening of September 8, at 10:00pm my family went to bed. Prior to going to bed, I went to the basement and started a load of clothes in the dryer. At approximately 11:00pm I was awakened by the smoke detector in the main level of my house going off, just a few seconds later the smoke detector in my bedroom went off. I jumped out of bed, woke up my kids and told them to get out of the house. I searched the upstairs for fire and found nothing. I then went to the main level and dialed 911, searched that level for a fire and found nothing. I went outside to join my family. I still could not see any fire. I then walked to the backyard at which time through the basement window I could see a small fire in my dryer. I ran back to the front of the house, went inside, and retrieved the fire extinguisher from the kitchen. I went back outside to the basement door, opened it up and carefully went into the basement. The smoke was so bad I could only stay for a few seconds but I managed to get a quick shot at the dryer with the extinguisher. I then went back out to find the fire department at my house, told them what I had found and they took over from there.

Thanks to Crossfire smoke alarms I was awakened in time to get my family out and contain the fire to a small area. I wish to say thank you to Crossfire for saving the lives of my family.