Howland P.

We have three kids and two dogs. Around 5:00pm on November 18, my wife Penny put a pan of oil on the stove to cook French fries. About 5:05pm, the smoke alarms went off. We were all upstairs. As we came down the stairs, flames were almost to the ceiling.

Everyone knew what they had to do. I grabbed the fire extinguisher, squeezed the handle and nothing happened. Dropped that one and ran upstairs to grab the one we bought from Crossfire, and put out the fire. The wife grabbed the phone and called 911. The fire started up again and I sprayed it out again. The kids went to the meeting spot that we planned out if we ever had a fire in our home. Good thing we can depend on Crossfire products. The alarms work well. The alarms that came with the house didn’t work. Thank God for the Crossfire alarms being in our home.