Mr. & Mrs. Jim T.


On Christmas morning at 5:00am, the Crossfire alarms went off. We have a fireplace insert that we have used for several years. We have always been very careful with it and it had been cleaned along with the flue only a couple of months before. However, the flue had gotten hot enough that it got the adjacent wood to start burning inside the wall. By the time it burned through the wall into the house, it was a real fire. The Crossfire alarm in the den went off and woke me, my husband and our daughter and her husband who were visiting for Christmas.

We were out of the house in no time and the alarm was still sounding as I ran across the street to call the fire department. Due to early warning, the fire was contained. Thank goodness we had the Crossfire alarms installed because we may have lost our lives and our house, not to mention all of our sentimental possessions had it not been for the early warning.