Lynn & Teresa N.

North Carolina

Our worst nightmare became a reality at 3:15am on April 10. Lynn, I and our two sons went to bed as usual the night before with not a thought of our safety. We were soon sound asleep. Lynn awoke at around 2:00am, went to the bathroom and then to the kitchen for a glass of milk. He sat down in the kitchen, drank his milk and then went to bed.

At 3:15am we were abruptly awakened by the Crossfire alarms. Lynn and I jumped up, straight up, looked at one another and realized that this was the real thing. Lynn ran to the boys room while I began collecting a few things. When we got outside then we realized exactly what the problem was. Our storage building, the woods beside our house, and our deck was on fire. A neighbor saw the flames and called the fire department. The fire rapidly traveled from the deck to the kitchen and was headed directly for our bedroom.

There is not a doubt in my mind that if it was not for Crossfire we would not be alive today. We lost nearly all of our material belongings in the fire but the most precious thing, our family, was completely unharmed.