Sandra M.

North Carolina

On November 8, I arrived home at approximately 20 minutes until 1:00am after working the second shift at my job. Around 1:15am I turned out the lights, turned the TV off and went to bed. At 3:00am I woke up to the loud Crossfire. I realized immediately that there was a fire. I jumped up and turned on the light. The light did not work because the fire had already knocked out the electricity.

I crawled on all fours to the living area where I discovered the TV burning with flames already climbing the walls. I could not get to my fire extinguisher in the kitchen because the fire was blocking my path, so I went out the back door and ran next door to my uncle’s house. My uncle called the fire department and then went back with me to my home where I planned to go in to save some of my clothes. But by the time we got there the entire house was a big ball of flame.

I hope my experience will convince others of the real need for REAL fire protection.