Pat M.

My husband and I purchased the Crossfire system a year ago. We had lost a rental house we owned to a fire. This opened our eye to the need of a better fire detection system within our own home. Although the system was expensive, after witnessing one fire, we decided that the purchase was justified. This decision was reinforced when we recently had a fire in our kitchen.

After placing potatoes in my gas oven to bake, I left the kitchen and went into another part of the house. I had not left the kitchen for more than ten minutes when the alarms went off. My daughters and I ran to the kitchen seeing flames shooting out of the oven and up towards the ceiling. I screamed for my 15-year-old to grab the fire extinguisher and within 60 seconds we had the fire out. The only damage done ot the kitchen was a dingy, gray ceiling and a destroyed stove. The base cabinets on each side of the stove were not even scorched. I contribute this minimum of damage to the efficiency of the fire detection system that Crossfire has installed.

Thank you, Crossfire for helping us protect our family an our home.